Current Projects

  • Improving Access to Health Care for Medi-Cal Enrolled Individuals in Ventura County
    July 31, 2017 to June 30, 2018
    Visión y Compromiso and its team of Promotoras are working in partnership with Gold Coast Health Plan to improve access to quality health care among a minimum of 2,000 Medi-Cal enrolled individuals in Ventura County by providing health literacy, culturally tailored health education and navigational support for Gold Coast Health Plan (GCHP) members. Through the leadership of two Vision y Compromiso’s Promotoras in Ventura County and Program Director-Hugo Ramirez, many community leaders, individuals and families are learning how to use automated telephone system, select/change a provider, and utilize services to practice preventive care, maintain a healthy lifestyle by changing lifestyle behaviors, receive referrals for screening and diagnostic exams and to reduce emergency visits. Promotoras are reaching community members in one-on one discussions, educational tables, and small and large group presentations in homes, schools, clinic waiting rooms, Consulate of Mexico in Oxnard among other local community centers. To inquire more on Gold Coast Health Plan please visit:
  • Campeones del Cambio Toolbox (Champions for Change Toolbox)

    Through a program developed by the Network for a Healthy CA that targets residents from the Bay Area; community educators and leaders conduct a total of 16 interactive sessions that teach tools (topics) ranging from nutrition (eating the recommended amount of fruits and vegetables) to the different activities that can be used to incorporate physical activity as part of an everyday routine. Bay Area participants also learn the tools necessary to advocate for change in their community; whether it being schools providing more balanced meals or forming walking/exercise groups in their community.
  • El Camino Hospital Project

    Vision y Compromiso is working in partnership with El Camino Hospital on the Diabetes Prevention Program in Santa Clara County on a campaign to educate individuals how to reduce the risk of developing diabetes and provide available local resources for the community. The objective is to build a community with healthy spirit, mind, and body by increasing their knowledge on how to prevent diabetes.
  • Faith Based Kern County Public Health Department

    Vision y Compromiso in partnership with the Kern County Public Health Department provide nutrition education to the community through the Nutrition Education an  Obesity Prevention  Grant (NEOP) in two distinct programs.  Through the Faith Based program, the promotoras’ provide nutrition education at various worship centers in Kern County. They provide both one-on-one and group session classes, where they educate and motivate participants to make healthier food and beverage choices.  The goal of the program is to educate low income participants to make healthier lifestyle changes and increase physical activity. The promotoras provide education at more than 10 worship sites in Kern County and continue to expand.
  • Familias Hablando Unidas: Prevención de Embarazos No Planeados en Adolecentes (Families Talking Together: Pregnancy Prevention in Teens)

    In collaboration with the Center for Latino Adolescent Health, Promotores implemented the Families Talking Together Curriculum in communities in Tulare County. Through a 9 module training, parents were encouraged to initiate talks about sex with their adolescent and teenage aged children and the issues that often lead teens to engage in high risk behaviors. The modules discussed topics such as self-esteem, communication and the importance of friendships and the basic of reproductive health.  Through these sessions, Visión y Compromiso and CLAH seek to reduce the rate of teenage pregnancy in county.  The work done in Tulare is considered “ground zero” as it is the first county in California to implement this project.
  • Health4All

    Visión y Compromiso is working in partnership with Asian Advancing for Justice in Los Angeles County on a campaign to educate individuals about Health Coverage available, regardless of family income and immigration status.  The objective is to help our community receive the proper health care and most important preventive care necessary. Through the leadership of Visión y Compromiso’s Promotores, the community will be able to receive information about Health4All and have a better understanding of how to access the necessary resources, including the application process.
  • PG&E—Alameda County, Kern County, and Yolo County

    Vision y Compromiso is working in partnership with PG&E in Alameda County, Kern, and Yolo County on a campaign to educate individuals who meet specific criteria to access resources available to them that can reduce their energy bill through the California Alternate Rates for Energy (CARE) program. The objective is to help our community reduce their household expenses during these challenging economic times. Additionally, we are educating our community about the Energy Savings Assistance (ESA) Program. ESA Program can assist customers to fix their homesor apartments free of charge if they qualify and make their homes energy efficient.
  • Problemas con el Juego, Proyecto de Asistencia Técnica  y Capacitación (Problem Gambling Technical Assistance and Training Project)
    Through a contract awarded by the California Department of Alcohol and Drug Programs (ADP), Office of Problem Gambling (OPG); Visión y Compromiso educates residents of counties throughout the Bay Area (Alameda, San Francisco and San Mateo) Visión y Compromiso educates the public and broad range of service providers, government agency personnel, and community leaders to help prevent and/or treat problem gambling.
  • Problem Gambling

    Vision y Compromiso is working in partnership with National Asian Pacific American Families Against Substance Abuse (NAPAFASA), a private, non-profit membership organization to address the issue of gambling and raise awareness about Problem Gambling facing our communities. Regardless of genders, ages, background and hometowns, Problem Gambling is affecting people worldwide. Our team of educators are currently providing education at San Diego, Bakersfield, Sacramento, Orange County, and Los Angeles.
  • Proyecto de Abogacía por la Salud (Health Advocacy Project)

    The Health Advocacy Project reaches out to Los Angeles County’s Latino residents to provide information about the Affordable Care Act and other health coverage options for them and their children 0-5 years of age. 22,000 individuals are expected to be reached through this project.
  • TCHHSA-Lifetime of Wellness/Diabetes Prevention Program

    Visión y Compromiso is working in partnership with Tulare Department of Public Health on the Diabetes Prevention Program. Our team of educators provide two very dynamic classes: 1) The ¡Yo digo Sí! Classes provide education on diabetes prevention, strategies for healthy eating, and the relationship between nutrition and exercise and the how to manage chronic diseases. 2) The Bailoterapia classes provide physical activity that include cardio dance therapy circles at different levels. The objective of this program is to help individuals sustain a healthy lifestyle into their future.
  • Ventanilla de Salud in the consulate of México en Oxnard California and in Boston, Massachusetts

    Vision y Compromiso is managing the Ventanilla de Salud in Oxnard, The Ventanilla de Salud is a free program designed to help you identify the health services you and your family need in the United States and Mexico. In a safe and friendly environment, the staff of the Ventanilla de Salud located in the Mexican consulate, can refer you to the health services available where you live and also provide you with information and education on a variety of health topics. Our main goals are to help prevent diseases, to promote healthy habits and to refer you to health services, like those offered by community clinics where you can establish a medical home and receive the medical attention that individuals and families need.