Past Trainings

  • La Preconcepción Saludable: Acido Folico (Folic Acid)
    In collaboration with the Department of Health and Maternal Child and Adolescent Health Division; Vision y Compromiso developed a community workshop for residents in the Bay Area, Stanislaus, Napa and  Los Angeles County that emphasizes the importance of incorporating folic acid in an everyday diet. Participants learn the function and benefits of a healthy diet that includes folic acid. Curricula also focuses the role of nutrition and supplement absorption and the recommended amounts for everyday consumption.  Participants also learn creative techniques of informing their community about the importance of adding folic acid as part of a healthy lifestyle.
  • Corazones Saludables, Familias Saludables (Healthy Hearts, Healthy Families)
    This cardiovascular disease education program partners the Salsa, Sabor y Salud currciculm with a bailoterapia cardio dance class (or other physical activity such as a walking group) to reduce overweight and obesity among Latino families at high risk for chronic disease. This project was provided to residents of San Bernardino, Riverside and Los Angeles Counties. The project worked to reach residents of the Bay Area in California.
  • ¡Vacune a sus Hijos Adolescentes! (Vaccinate your teen!)
    The vaccination campaign has three main objectives:  to ignite a word-of-mouth channel supported by Promotoras that engages the community, particularly mothers of preteen or teenaged children;  to formulate a coalition of influencers and community organizations that will help spread the word about the importance of preteen and teen vaccinations in Los Angeles County; and  to generate interest among Los Angeles-based media that will lead to media coverage/stories on the availability of  free or low-cost vaccinations for those who qualify.
  • Cal- Fresh
    Visión y Compromiso implements a comprehensive public health nutrition program to promote the new dietary guidelines (since 2010) in order to increase fruit and vegetable consumption and physical activity among the SNAP-Ed eligible population.
  • Lifeline
    Visión y Compromiso informs and educates low income households of the discounted telephone service available to eligible Californians in Stanislaus County. We work to increase awareness of California Lifeline and promote enrollment into the program through the dissemination of information about eligibility, rates and application process.
  • Entendiendo la Reforma de Salud (Understanding the Affordable Care Act).
    Through a one day workshop; Vision y Compromiso provides a framework for discussions about health, the Affordable Care Act, prevention education, the U.S. health care system, access and equity associated with health insurance and health disparities. Promotores review pathways to health insurance coverage (Medi-Cal, employer sponsored, the California Health Exchange) including eligibility, covering children, benefits, services, subsidies and credits, and how to calculate family income.
  • Covered California Project
    Visión y Compromiso with its team of experienced Promotores will reach English- and Spanish-speaking Latino (Limited English Proficient) residents and their families 138%-400% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines who will be newly eligible for health insurance coverage through Covered California (the public name of the new health care marketplace) but ineligible for expanded Medi-Cal or employer-sponsored health coverage and who are living in the Greater Bay Area, the Central Coast, Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino and San Diego Counties. 181,095 individuals are expected to be reached through this project.